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After years of looking for it, I finally found it!

I discovered the plant that can support my body when it comes to passion for life!

If you want to be happy not just for an instant, but for good, you should not only take care of your mind but also your body. For mind and body are actually one. 


In all the years I have been studying the mind I could really see that thoughts and body influence each other - but in both ways! So if you change your thoughts (on the deepest level!), than your body is like bound to change, too. If you change your body, your mind seems to be bound to change, too. 


So for me it has been clear that I want to support my body as good as I can. Excercise and a healthy diet, which is still fun, are a natural part of my life. But still: My skin was not as good as it could be. I am not talking about the skin on my face, but in my palms. I managed to improve it step by step, but it never got great. Over the years I experienced the close connection of intestines and skin. TCM has known that for milleniums. 


The big change for me came when I started drinking aloe vera gel. Along with probiotics I achieved results I had not had before! Plus my digestion got much better. What a benefit!

I started to study this plant, gain more knowledge about our digestion, the microbiom, skin. And I got more and more fascinated! 

Today I understand why drinking aloe vera brings such great benefits for our well being.


Would you like to benefit from out drinking gels, the fantastic cremes or nutritional supplements, too?

With a permanent discount of 15% up to incredible 48%!

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Forever Living Products are available in more than 155 countries worldwide!

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I tested four different companies and for me it was clear that Forever Living got the best gel by far when it comes to my body. So I became a happy customer. After some months I realized that Forever was working with Network Marketing. And I, being a life coach and a speaker, got all of a sudden aware that if I started being a part of this network, I could offer other people this chance as well! Network Marketing is in my eyes a super democratic form of entrepreneurship. Everybody got the same chances, not matter whether you are a man or a woman, which race, age etc.! Everybody gets the chance to work independently. Everybody gets the chance to earn a bit more or make it a full time profession which can lead to a passive income! How happy I was when I realized that! I was in love with the aloe vera gel anyway and other products anyway - why not spread the news, help other people overcome their obstacles and help them to become successful - which would, in the end, be my success, too. 

Seriously: Doesn't that sound great?


For a while I kept thinking about it. Back at home I am a writer and speaker and many people trust me. So I wanted to make sure that the company was trustful, the products really good. In the end I just could not help it - I had to share the message! And since I travel a lot, I have made my dream come true and I am buidling my team worldwide! Internet makes it possible! I can support you from all over the world - as long as you speak English well. You again can become a successful team builder in your country, in your language. And profit from everything that comes along with Forever Living: products which make you feel good and support your well-being and your beauty, your success in sports activities, and you can be an entrepreneur and become financially independent while supporting others to be(come) the same! Isn't that great?

Check out if this is your chance, too. Please answer the following questions for yourself:


1. Are you interested in using healthy products and tell others about the positive effects and earn money with that?

2. Are you willing to learn more about aloe vera, being in network marketing etc.?

    And please be sure: EVERYBODY can learn and do that!

3. Are you willing to support others to be successful, too? Do you agree with "Sharing is caring"? Would you like to experience that you can easily benefit from helping others?

4. Would you like to be a member of an international team of success? Would you like to be someone who is free in all possible ways?


If your answers are yes, you are certrainly qualified to become a successful networker. You don't have to know anything about it in the beginning. But if you want success, you should be ready to learn. 


When you start with Forever, we need to check your country for its conditions!

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In every country it is a little bit different. But don't worry, I will help you with that. What I mean is e.g. the investment in the beginning. FOREVER LIVING is a very fair company! What they ask you for, and this makes a los sense to me, is to buy some products or a starter kit in the beginning. Sure this makes sense. You as an honourable and authentic person would not want to tell others that products were great and worth the money if you did not believe it yourself, right? I love the products and when I recommend them, it comes from my heart. :)


You might want to get to know Forever Living a bit better. So please check their wepage.  


May you find what makes you healthy and happy!

I you want to be a part of my team, I'd be happy to talk to you via Skype/FaceTime. Maybe we have met on one of my worldwide trips, then you know me already anyway. But you are welcome to ask questions! 

You can send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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