Intuition Practitioner



Intuition Practitioner

Intuition Practitioner


On this 3-day-course you will


  • learn how to relax easily and effectively
  • get to know your own Atom of Truth (THE method to get in touch with your intuition easily!)
  • do some intensive and astonishing exercises with the other participants. There is so much more within you than you are aware of!
  • learn some very efficient methods to clear blockages
  • start realizing how amazing and infinite your knowledge by intuition is
  • feel joy, passion and excitement!


BONUS: Silvia Maria offers a free sould yoga lesson in the morning (30 mins) for all participants. A relaxed and streched body allows an easier flow of energy. Easy hatha yoga, possible for every physically healthy person.



After the course you will

  • be able to take decisions clearer and more easily
  • know how to get in touch with your intuition at any time, anywhere
  • be more self-aware and self-confident
  • be part of a network with like-minded people you can practice your knowledge with
  • receive the Intuition Practitioner Program IPP certificate



Dates and prices



In case you speak German, you might want to read them in advance. But don't worry: All necessary material will be provided in English during the course.

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