Intuition Master Program

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Intuition Master Program


"How do you do that?"

People keep asking Silvia Maria again and again how she would do that. Sitting opposite a complete stranger and within seconds she is connected and seems to know everything, sometimes even aspects the person himself could not see. Feeling, seeing, knowing what moves this person; what moves within this person. If what moves him really is what moves him - or if there is a hidden program running behind the scenes. Having practical advice what will help this person. Erasing a blockage my going into a resonant state and going through the layers of emotions and believes for this person, finishing this story once and for all.

For sharing her knowledge, wisdom and experience, Silvia Maria has created Intution Master Program (IMP). Participants go through three different levels:


Intuition Practitioner (IP)

Intuition Expert (IE; required: IP)

Intuition Master (IM; required: IP, IE)


Register NOW for your chance to change your life and that of many, many others, too!


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