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Hi, that's me!

With a smile, everything goes better!

With a smile, everything goes better!

Born in 1977 (aquarius, fire dragon, otter, cypress - in case you like astrology)

Born and raised in the Bavarian Forest (which is a well known region for old knowledge and prophecies)

"Love for nature and forests especially had been given to me twice there ("Silvia" means "forest"). As a teenager and young adult I was not really into all this nature stuff. Today I highly appreciate my roots."

Likes trees, Upper Bavaria, Asia, angels, health, laughing, hiking, dancing, jogging, spinnig, yoga and life in general

Only dogma: no dogma! ("And I'd even let go of that dogma. ;-)")
Being with people is a gift to me!

Being with people is a gift to me!

Loves people and calls herself a "human-human being" (meaning she is deeply in love with human beings). Has a very uncommonly deep intuition and therefore empathy with which she can sense people very quickly and so she knows a lot about a person by feeling him or her within seconds. This is no burden, as some assume, but a a gift, a privilege and an obligation.

Favourite quotes

"I love life. And life loves me!" (Louise L. Hay)

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult." (Seneca)

"I hope nothing. I fear nothing. I am free." (Nikos Kazantzakis)

"He who wants will find a way. He who does not want will find a reason." (Götz Werner)
Embracing is sharing and healing!

Embracing is sharing and healing!

"In our society we lose more and more touch, also because of all the use of (un)social media. But it is in a community, by being with each other, how we find ourselves. Alienation is the beginning of the end of humanity."

Her wisest decision in the last few years? "Quitting fighting more and more and decide for easiness instead."

And not to forget the super important decision of 2008: "Everything that is not me but education only will get tossed out!" Back then she had no clue what power this had and what consequences this decision would bring along.

PS.: She's still working on that one... ;-)
Life is passion! Passion is life!

Life is passion! Passion is life!

Camera, action, take 1: High School teacher

"In 2010 I woke up. To me it feels as if I had had a life before age 33 and since age 33. But only since 33 I have been approaching and going my way."

In 2010 she started her own business as mental coach.

"Your inner voice always knows exactly what the next step is."

Writer, speaker, coach, journalist (magazines, blog, "Gedanken befluegeln!");

Apprenticeships and jobs as freelancer for television

Her first book "Meine 26 Egos und ich. Ein Wegweiser zu mehr Lebensfreude und Selbstverwirklichung" (My 26 egos and me. A guide to more joy for living and self-fulfillment) was published in November 2014, Schirner Verlag; 2nd edition after only 6 months; translated and published in Mandarin in 2017.

Since then numerous books and articles.

Lots of travelling, for personal as well as for business reasons
Once a teacher, always a teacher?

Once a teacher, always a teacher?

"Showing people new ways to more passion for life and more knowledge is my nature. My intuitive and cognitve abilities support me with that."

Lots of seminars and teachers, e.g. in

* MFL® (reading the morphic field)

* Mental Coach

* training for healing practitioner in psychotherapy

* yoga teacher and meditation teacher, Rishikesh, India

* intense reseach in pranayama and the effects of body-mind and vice versa

From August 2012 on a complete stop, project "Living for one year", extended in 2013. But she returned to school and finally quit her position as a civil servant for life in 2016. Since then fully self-employed, trusting life more than ever!
When you are ready, things are ready, too

When you are ready, things are ready, too

Her book "My 26 egos and me" came to her during a Vipassana mediation in Thailand. She knew right away she would have to write it and that there would be a publisher for this book. Right she was. Markus and Heidi Schirner gave her a contract within three days of learning about the book.


I would like to invite you to get to know me better. As a human being.

My private pictures may help you to get an impression. Even though personality is an illusion in the end, I'd say it would be nice to open up for you on this earthly level. ;-)



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