What are YOU passionate about?


No matter how many people try to tell you what was best for you: It is only YOU who really knows!

And make sure that you strive for an answer within you. Fame, money, luxurious stuff - all of that is like a side effect, a spin-off. Once you make them your primary goal, you are almost bound to fail in a sense of finding true fulfilment. 


I'm on fire for people. Yes, I love people. I consider myself to be a human-human being (other human being are passionate about animals for example).

I love human beings so much that it makes me deeply sad to see them unhappy. Especially when you think of the fact that all suffering can be over - once they really go for it and get passionat about joy of living and about themselves, with all consequences that might bring along. 

A few years ago I got the chance to leave my life here in the Western world behind - and start a really cosy, nice life in India, as a yoga and meditation teacher in Rishikesh. Doing yoga avery day and meditate and the rest of the day I would have been "off".

I said no. 

Because deep inside I felt: "I belong to the Western world. I should be there, right among all these people who aren't happy and don't even know why they aren't."


It is my mission to remind people of their joy for living, their passion about their lives!

And to remind them of their true inner gifts and abilities, like their incredible, awesome intuition.


I am here to remind them that they can stop telling their stories of suffering and write new stories, healing stories, happy stories. 

We copy our past endlessly, day by day, instead of deciding for something new. Only to regret it at the end of our lives not to have been the greatest possible version you could (and should) have been. 


The way back into your true passion for life is written in your intuition.

This is the inner compass you have to find your way home, which is the way to yourself.

And it is true joy that helps you increase your (super)natural gifts!



Which "reason" do you have NOT be to happy?


My own old story gives me the right to talk about all of that. People who meet me today think that for me, the whole life would just be a game, easy-peasy. Can't deny that really. But it has not always been like that. I have got a past, too. What makes the difference is that I have accepted my responsibilty and I have been learning and practitioning firgiveness. 

Travelling the world has shown me, again and again, that there are so many poor people here in planet earth who are so much happier from the inside than most people in the West. It is my goal to match the best of West and East: material prosperity and spirituality. 

We may have it all. I absolutely believe in that.


So I am a bridge builder in many ways. A bridge builer between Western materialism and Eastern philosophy; between Heaven and Earth; between worldly power and divine love. Seeing no "but", but an "and". 


This is why I want to support organizations as well in countries far away from where I live as well as right here. 


2013, orphanage in Kerala, India.


I am drop in an ocean. But what was the ocean if not many drops?


Wake up, human being, and live! :-)





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